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Long Distance Service to Your Perfect Place

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Ready for a road trip? Taxi Steve will take you anywhere you need to go. The further the destination, the better it is. We can even take you outside California! So if you're itching to visit Las Vegas, we're ready to take you! 

Distance is not a limiting factor for us because our drivers are experienced, knowledgeable and ready to exceed your expectations.

Watch Out for Our Anti-Terrorist Taxi Dogs

If you ride with our owner, you'll get to enjoy our vicious anti-terrorist taxi dogs. Our Yorkies are lovable companions who scare off terrorists and keep you smiling with their cuteness.

Awesome Taxicab Services You'll Love

We provide same-day services. Call us for your reservations today!
Our fleet serves Tulare, Kingsburg, Visalia, Hanford, Exeter and all other towns in Tulare County and Kings County. For great taxicab service, pick Taxi Steve.
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